The Lord's Table, Baptism & Child Dedication

THE LORD'S TABLE (Holy Communion)

We welcome to the Lords Table anyone who loves the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour irrespective of their age or denominational background or affiliation. We celebrate communion each Sunday in at least one of our two worship services.

The bread of the communion symbolizes the broken body of Jesus given for us and the cup (or the grape juice) represents His precious blood shed for us. We look back to remember and give thanks and we look forward in anticipation of His Return in Glory.


We practice believers baptism by immersion, believing it to be an important step of obedience and confession for the believer. We do not believe baptism saves – only Jesus saves!

These are the vows taken by the baptismal candidate:

Pastor : [Candidate's Name], do you renounce and turn from all evil?

Candidate: I do!

Pastor: Do you trust in Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour? 

Candidate: I do.  

Pastor: Do you promise to follow and obey Him for the rest of your life?

Candidate: I do.

Pastor:  Upon confession of your faith, and at your own request, in obedience to the command of Jesus, I now baptize you in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


We practice Child Dedication which is for parents wishing to publicly offer their children back to God as an act of worship, thanksgiving and commitment.

In this simple but meaningful ceremony, we are following the example of godly parents in the Bible who dedicated their children to the Lord. See 1 Samuel 1:27 & 28. Jesus too loved the little children and blessed them. See Mark 10:13-16.

We do not believe a child becomes a Christian through this or any other ceremony (such as Christening or Infant Baptism).

Rather, as a child is brought up in a Christ-centred home they can learn about God and His Word and see in their parents an example of consistent Christian living - a good basis upon which they may early on in life make a personal commitment to follow Jesus.