Life Groups


Our Life (Home) Groups meet in different venues on different days of the week. We have groups in various languages including English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, & Japanese.


Please phone the church office for contact details


Below is a list of current Life Groups.


Total amount of Life Groups currently operating: 21




  • Tuesday 10.30 AM Japanese, held at the Church (Warren Payne)

  • Tuesday 1 PM Japanese, held at the Church (Miyuki Packer) 

  • Tuesday Ladies Life Group (English), 7.30 PM fortnightly (Fran Garside/Julie Klapf)

  • Tuesday (English), Young Adults, 7.30 PM at MBCC facilities, (Melissa & Ivy)
  • Wednesday (Mandarin) 10.30 AM (Annie Zhang)

  • Wednesday (Mandarin) 10.30 AM (Wendy Liu)

  • Wednesday (English) 10.15 AM (Hilary Webster/Wendy Stringer/Joanne Lum)
  • Thursday (Mandarin) 7.00 PM (Ping Jiang)

  • Thursday (Cantonese) 7.00 PM (Michael Pun)

  • Thursday (Mandarin) 8.00 PM, Silverdale, (Roger Wang)
  • Friday Ladies Group (Mandarin) 10.30 AM at the Church (Lulu Luo)

  • Friday morning Chinese-speaking seniors group, 10.15 AM held at church (Sister Xie)

  • Friday (Mandarin) 7.30 PM, at the Church (Richard Ji)

  • Friday (Mandarin) 7.30 PM, at the Church, alternative weeks (David Xu)

  • Friday (English) 7.30 PM, at Albany, (Ming & KK), fortnightly
  • Friday (English) 7.30 PM, Youth Group, MBCC facilities, (George, Malissa)
  • Friday (English) 7.30 PM, at Greenhithe & Mairangi Bay, (Ian Cartwright)
  • Friday (Japanese) 7.30 PM, Glenfield (Joji & Chihiro)
  • Saturday morning (Cantonese) 10 AM held in Browns Bay (Michael Pun)

  • Saturday evening (Mandarin) 7.30 PM, Mairangi Bay, (Alex Chen, Paul Wang, Lilly Liu)
  • Sunday (English) 1.30 PM fortnightly at Mike & Anna’s home (Mike & Anna Webster)


NB Our Youth Group meets every Friday in the church hall at 7.30PM 


Newcomers are always welcome to join. Call the church office for more specific details.