Being A Sweet Fragrance (2 Corinthians 2:15)


Please note that due to the format of our service (mother’s day) the sermon notes are short and to the point. I will be using a lot of multi-media in the service to illustrate some of my points.



2 Cor 2:15 "For we are to God the fragrance (pleasing aroma) of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing."



God loves it when a mother gives herself to His purposes in life. To love God with all of her heart and to also love her family the way that God intended it to be. Mothers are called by the LORD to give off a sweet fragrance to the world, the very fragrance of Christ Himself.


Mom, when your family and others smell your life, how does it smell to them? Is it a sweet fragrance? How does your life smell to the LORD? As God sent Jesus to bring hope for a lost world, so mothers have an important role to play to bring hope to a lost world.


God uses mothers in a very powerful way to infuse the world with Kingdom thinking and to be “character builders” and God’s “recruiting agents” for the eternal realms of heaven and that group is called "mothers". Mothers are ministers of God. They are called to labour for Him and with Him in impacting the lives of their families and friends.


Since they are the representation of Christ to their children, husbands and others, they are spreading His aroma among those that will surrender to our message as well as to those who won’t. 


One of the first things He established in the garden of Eden was the office of motherhood.



חַוָּה  chavvaÌ‚h in Hebrew - Eve was the first woman and her name means, life giver. The calling on a woman is to give life, both naturally and spiritually. The thing is this, as a mother you cannot give spiritual life to others if you are not connected to the Source of life yourself, Jesus Christ.



The state or quality of having a pleasant fragrance. A substance designed to emit a pleasant odour.



A woman in the Bible who emitted a sweet fragrance was Ruth. Elimelech and his wife Naomi and their two sons left Bethlehem because of a drought. Went to Moab, (just over 40 miles) East of Jerusalem. The story took place during the period of history when "judges ruled. Her sons married two Moabite women. Sadly, Naomi's husband and the two sons died. When Naomi went back to Jerusalem, Ruth went with her.


Ruth was a sweet fragrance:

1. Chose to walk the right path

She said to Naomi, where you go I'll go (1:16-17). She chose to turn her back on her pagan background and false idols and instead serve the living God. 


2. Ruth embraced her responsibilities

When they arrived in Bethlehem, Ruth went to work in the grain fields; Proverbs 31 woman.


3. Because she chose God, she experienced "Divine Providence"

Ruth seized the opportunities presented to her by the Lord. She later married Boaz.


4. Instrumental in God's purposes.

Boaz and Ruth had a son called Obed, who had a son called Jesse, who in turn had a son called David, the very man who would become the greatest king Israel ever had.



You emit a sweet fragrance unto the Lord when you give yourself up for His purposes.

You emit a sweet fragrance when you realize his grace over you and live in it.

You emit a sweet fragrance when you stand faithful in truth in the midst of difficulty. 

You emit a sweet fragrance when your attitude in daily life reflects the very attitude and heart of God.

You emit a sweet fragrance when you support your family, love and care for those God entrusted to you.

You emit a sweet fragrance when you inspire your family and others to greatness

You emit a sweet fragrance when your most intimate relationship on this earth is with the lover of your soul, Jesus.


Mothers, you are called to emit the fragrance of Christ himself to a broken world.